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2016   Minju Shin   Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2016   Jun Eon Jin    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2016   Yong-In Cho   Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2015   Mingxing Piao   Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2015   Byung Su Oh   Samsung Display, Korea
2015   Jae-Sung Kim   SK Hynix, Korea
2015   Sang Jin Lee   LG Electronics, Korea
2014   Min-kyu Joo   Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics (CINAP), Institute for Basic Science (IBS)
2014   Yunjeong Kim    Samsung Display, Korea
2014   Junhong Na    Postdoctoral Researcher in Max Plank Institute, Germany 
2014   So Jeong Park    Postdoctoral Researcher in Korea University, Korea
2014   Dae-Young Jeon   Senior research scientist, KIST Jeonbuk branch
2014   Sangwook Kim   Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2014   HaeMin Jeong    Samsung Display, Korea 
2013   Mina Rastegar   
2012   Pil Soo Kang   Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2012   Junghwan Huh    Postdoctoral Researcher in NTNU, Norway 
2012   Hyun-Jin Ji    Postdoctoral Researcher in Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
2012   Jae-Wan Choi    TTL, Korea 
2012   Si Hyuk Choi    AVACO, Korea 
2012   Jae-Woo Lee    Professor, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea University, Korea 
2012   Doyoung Jang   Staff, IMEC, Belgium 
2012   Kangho Lee    Postdoctoral Researcher in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 
2011   Hye-Young Kim    Scientist, Max Planck Institute, Germany 
2011   Yongha Kim    Doosan Electronics, Korea 
2011   Soo Han Choi    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2010   Jeong Hun Heo    Seoul Semiconductor, Korea 
2010   Jun Min Lee    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2010   Myung Ji Kim   Samsung Display, Korea
Dong Wook Kim   SK Hynix, Korea 
2009   Kang Hyun Kim    Samsung Display, Korea 
2009   Young Seung Jo    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2008   Sun Yeol Ahn    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2008   Hye Yeon Ryu    Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany 
2008   Eung Seok Park    University of California, Berkeley, USA 
2008   Dae Hyun Kim    LG Display, Korea 
2008   Jin Hyuk Kim     
2006   Hae Yong Kang    Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea 
2006   Boone Won    Pennsylvania State University, USA 
2006   Hyung Dong Lee    SK Hynix, Korea
2006   Dong Jin Oh     
2006   Chanyoung Yim   Postdoctoral Researcher in University of Siegen, Germany
2006   Bong Ki Choi    LG Display, Korea 
2005   Seung-Eon Ahn    Professor, Department of Nano-Optical Engineering, Korea Polytechnic University, Korea
2005   Byung Ho Park    Samsung Electronics, Korea 
2005   Sung Hoon Pi    LG Display, Korea 
2005   Eu Jin Jang    Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea 
2004   Byung Hyun Kang   Ph.D course (Prof. Byung-Kwon Ju), Korea University, Korea